How To Get Minecraft Tiktok Cape Easily !

In celebration of Minecraft's 15th anniversary, Minecraft is sharing TikTok capes with its players. Players are very interested in having a TikTok cape, this cape is very unique and cool to wear. Here we will provide information about how to get tiktok cape, please read this article carefully so you know how. 

Until now, the Minecraft game still has many fans all over the world. Games that hone creativity are really fun to play. Players can imagine as freely as possible to build their own world starting from the house, garden, and so on. 

Minecraft can be played by various ages, from children to adults. According to gamers, a child's creativity can be sharpened by playing Minecraft games. So there's nothing wrong if we allow our children to play Minecraft. 

Recently, the TikTok cape has become a topic of conversation among Minecraft players, on social media they show off the TikTok cape they wear when playing Minecraft. Until finally, TikTok became viral and trending. The question is how do they get tiktok cape, all players will want to have it too.

Tiktok cape minecraft

How to get Tiktok Cape minecraft

It seems that you should be heartened when you hear the news that not all Minecraft players can have TikTok cape, according to existing information, the Minecraft x TikTok event is only available in several countries in Europe. But don't worry, you can get around this by using a VPN. OK, here are the steps on how to get TikTok Cape Minecraft

  1. Open the TikTok application 
  2. Click the search icon, search for the name of the Minecraft streamer who is currently live Watch the live, 
  3. click the TikTok icon in the top left corner, enter the keyword "minecraft" 
  4. You will get the minecraft tiktok cape redeem code from tiktok 
  5. Immediately exchange the code in the Minecraft game 
  6. Finished

Below are some names of Minecraft streamers that you can watch 

  • toycat
  • mine_bedrock
  • Surrept
  • Kara Vaughn
  • Christian Battin
  • KL
  • diego
  • Anthonypvp88
  • Colonal
  • Jamishio
  • JustSayStevan
  • Kenny Phish
  • Austin
  • Flavio Gonzalez
  • Telluric
  • FreshBrownie
  • DarkFriedGaming
  • Garo

Come on, hurry up and join the Minecraft x TikTok event, don't miss this event. It's not bad that you can get a free tiktok cape gift. That's all the information we share, we hope this information is useful.

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